Whether we’re building custom fire apparatus which is specially designed to best serve a city’s layout and a fire department’s needs; or an ambulance which has been designed to improve efficiency and safety of the EMS providers; or recreation vehicles which allows families to explore the world together and make lasting memories – for all of the types of vehicles we design and manufacture, our teams are committed to our mission.

To produce and provide our customers with vehicles they can count on when it matters most.

At the core of our mission, are our five values, which define how we work together and with our customers.

Do What’s Right: We act with integrity and transparency, always. We keep our commitments and earn trust through our actions. 

Safety Is Life: The safety of our people and those who travel in our vehicles is our top priority. It’s more than the way we work, it’s a way of life.

Win As One: We value diversity in our teams, respect alternative perspectives and are accountable to each other to fulfill our goals.

Building Lasting Trust: Customers depend on our vehicles and support through the entire lifecycle of their purchase. We will build that trust through transparency and respect and by providing quality vehicles and attentive service.

Think Like An Owner: Each of us plays a vital role in our success. We innovate, execute and use our resources wisely to create value for our stakeholders.